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17th Century Pink Diamond From the French Crown Jewels Hits the Auction Block at Christie’s Geneva in November

“Le Grand Mazarin,” the legendary 19.07-carat pink diamond that was once part of the French Crown Jewels, is expected to fetch between $6 million and $9 million at Christie’s Geneva on November 14. The magnificent square-cut stone has been in the collection of four kings, four queens, two emperors and two empresses, starting with the Sun King, Louis XIV, in 1661. Le Grand Mazarin was one of the many treasures sold at the famous .

163-Carat D-Flawless Diamond Is the Largest Ever to Appear at Auction

On November 14, Christie’s Geneva will offer for sale the largest D-flawless diamond to ever hit the auction block. The 163.41-carat emerald-cut diamond was cut from a 404.20-carat rough named “4 de Fevereiro,” which was discovered at Angola’s Lulo mine in February 2016. It was bought by de Grisogono founder Fawaz Gruosi and unveiled to clients at the company’s annual party during the 2016 Cannes film festival in May, according to Town & Country. .

Graff’s $53M Purchase Reunites 1,109-Carat Lesedi La Rona With Her 373-Carat Sibling

British billionaire and diamantaire Laurence Graff recently paid $53 million for the 1,109-carat Lesedi La Rona, the largest gem-quality rough diamond discovered in more than a century. Graff’s purchase marks the poignant reunion of two of the world’s largest and most high-profile diamonds. You see, Graff had already paid $17.5 million for the 373.72-carat “chunk” that fractured from her sibling during the mining process. Lucara Diamond Corp. and Graff closed the deal with a .

Pittsburgh Penguins Celebrate Back-to-Back Stanley Cups With Eye-Popping Championship Rings

Emblazoned with 394 hand-set diamonds weighing a total of 9.25 carats, the eye-popping Pittsburgh Penguins 2017 Stanley Cup ring commemorates the team’s impressive back-to-back championships. It was the first time in 19 years that a National Hockey League team has accomplished that feat. The face of the ring features the iconic Penguins logo rendered in diamonds atop a 14-karat yellow gold triangle set with 10 canary yellow diamonds. Mounted on the penguin’s torso is .
Win A Moses Engagement Ring With WXDX

Win A Moses Engagement Ring With WXDX

Marriage is work so let us help you out with the first step, the engagement. We’ve got a $5,000 engagement ring to give away to one lucky couple of WXDX listeners! DATES TO QUALIFY: Friday, October 13, 2017 12:00 pm -2:00 pm Friday, October 20, 2017 12:00 pm -2:00 pm How to Enter: QUALIFYING: On the contest dates above, listeners will be given clues to a location of interest in and around the city of Pittsburgh, .

August Babies: This One’s for You — Hawaii’s Amazing Green Beach!

Imagine walking barefoot on a blanket of sparkling green sand that owes its astounding color to olivine crystals eroded from an ancient volcanic formation and delivered to the shore by ocean waves. Mahana Beach on Hawaii’s Papakolea coast is one of only three green sand beaches in the world. The beach sand on the Big Island’s undeveloped southern tip is rich in the mineral olivine (Gem-quality olivine is known as peridot, the August birthstone). .

Ultra-Rare 2.11-Carat Fancy Red Diamond Headlines 2017 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender

An ultra-rare, 2.11-carat, fancy red diamond known as the Argyle Everglow headlines the 2017 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender – an annual showcase of the rarest diamonds from Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Western Australia. The Argyle Everglow, which earned a grade of fancy red VS2 from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), is the largest fancy red diamond ever to appear at an Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. One gem expert told CNN that he .

Is Your Jewelry Safe on Vacation?

You’re going on vacation and you want to take along some favorite jewelry pieces. Your best bet is to resist the temptation and leave your more expensive jewelry at home. But if you can’t manage that for whatever reason, always put it your carry-on personal item when flying, rather than in your checked luggage.  Use these additional suggestions to keep your pieces safe while you travel. If a two-key control safety deposit box is available at the hotel, use .