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Engagement Rings

See breathtaking rings in traditional, vintage, and alternative styles.

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When It’s Real — We’re Ready! Begin your Engagement Story in Seven Fields or Butler.

When it’s time to get engaged, you want to work with jewelry professionals you can trust. You desire specialists who will guide you to the perfect engagement ring – one that you and your partner will cherish forever.

At Moses Jewelers, we are truly passionate about beautiful diamonds complemented by exquisite settings, vintage estate bridal, colorful gemstones, and all things related to jewelry. With our experienced Graduate Gemologist and GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals, we proudly offer you the highest levels of expertise and knowledge. We share a commitment to making your engagement ring purchase easy (and even fun!)

Engagement ring on hand

Why Choose Moses Jewelers for Your Engagement Ring Purchase?

Moses family owned and operated, 2019 celebrates our 70th year in business, with two locations to best serve Butler and neighboring counties, the Pittsburgh region and beyond.

What does that mean for you? You can buy with confidence. We stand behind everything we do and go beyond to ensure you are making the most informed buying decision you can make. With us, buying an engagement ring won’t be a daunting experience. Remember, we’re here to make the process easy. We will help you select the perfect engagement ring, at the perfect moment, for your perfect match.

Moses Jewelers engagement ring in box

Diamond Engagement Ring at Moses Jewelers

The Sparkle that “WOWs”; The Ring that Says “YOU”!

Whatever your style, at Moses Jewelers, you are at the perfect place for your engagement story! We welcome you with a friendly smile and a few simple questions. Perhaps you have a certain ring design or diamond shape in mind; or maybe you have no idea. Either way, we will help you select the diamond perfectly suited for your taste and budget along with the ring that beautifully enhances it.

Browsing our Top Ten Engagement Rings is a great way to get ideas and start the process.

Is your style traditional, contemporary, vintage? Do you lead an active lifestyle? Do you prefer a classic solitaire, a halo surrounding your diamond, or an intricate pavé diamond setting? Which precious metal is your favorite or best suited for you? All of these answers factor into creating the engagement ring perfect for you. We have hundreds of ring settings, and any can be made in either platinum or gold, in its rich colors of yellow, white or rose. Should you not find exactly the right ring in our stores, it’s no problem. As fine jewelers for over 70 years, we have contacts around the globe. Plus, we have a team of designers ready to create the perfect custom ring, exclusively for you. And remember, as the wedding chapter of your story nears, we offer a matching, custom-fitted wedding band for every engagement ring we sell!

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Seven Fields/Cranberry Twp.Clearview Mall

Vintage engagement rings

Vintage Bridal

Yesteryear’s Craftsmanship is Today’s Affordable Luxury

If you are drawn to vintage and antique styles, you’re not alone. Many fall in love with the intricate filigree metalwork and craftsmanship of our authentic Art Deco engagement rings. We know the unique details featured in these rings well; we have been purchasing and selling them for over 35 years. Couples who like this style find these engagement rings to be an affordable way to own and wear something with a truly unique vibe. They are designs that won’t likely be found on anyone else’s finger!

All of the vintage diamond engagement rings you’ll find at Moses Jewelers are priced with the center stone included. Because we specialize in vintage and contemporary estate fine jewelry, our styles are always changing. So, check out this page often.

Diamond Ring

Designers, Designs, and That Breathtaking Sparkle!

When you walk into our stores, you’re going to notice we’re a little different than chain store jewelers — in a very good way! At Moses Jewelers, you won’t find a long list of engagement ring designers. Do we represent a few? Yes. Christopher Designs, Coast, and Whitehouse Brothers are a part of that selective list. We prefer to work a little differently than other jewelers. We want to know your likes and dislikes, your personal style. When you look in our cases, you will see a vast and diverse selection of engagement rings. And you will immediately notice the sparkle and brilliance of all our diamonds. Whether mounted into a ring or loose, all of our diamonds are hand-selected by our GIA graduate gemologist. If a stone is not full of fire and brilliance and life, it is rejected. We’re proud of our diamonds — it’s part of the Moses Diamond Difference!

Look more closely and you will spot our ONE Custom Collection. They are our most exquisite exclusives – our crème de la crème. (And, yes, we are extremely proud to showcase such beauties!) From contemporary to traditional, you’ll be hard-pressed to find more unique styles in the Pittsburgh area. What we love most of all is that we’ve created them with a distinctive understanding of what local brides desire today. Enjoy exclusivity, just for you!

Colored Engagement Ring

Natural Color Diamonds and Colored Gemstones

Make Your Statement Unique and Your Stone Rare!

For many couples, the ultimate expression of love happens in color. At Moses Jewelers, we know colored diamonds and rare gemstones; we’ve been hand-selecting and selling them for over 35 years. Ask us about our natural colored diamonds ranging from vivid yellows, pinks and beautiful blues to orange, soft subtle browns and bubbly champagne shades.

Have you noticed? Colored center engagement stones are having a moment lately with celebrities and royals. Natural colored diamonds and precious gemstones such as blue sapphire, ruby and emerald express individuality and are a departure from the ordinary. Making your engagement ring statement in color is an exciting alternative to a traditional white diamond.


Finding Your Diamond

Hundreds of loose diamonds to fit any budget.

Your journey to find the diamond of your dreams starts here. We want to make this experience easy, comfortable, and even fun. Contact us to ask questions. We’re ready, and we’re here to help. Moses Jewelers stocks many hand-selected loose diamonds and features many more already set in rings. Plus, we have access to hundreds more from local and worldwide contacts in the industry. We will find the perfect diamond to fit both your budget and any style of engagement ring. Relax, with us, your engagement story will be brilliant!

Diamond Four C's

The 4 C’S

(cut, color, clarity and carat weight)

The precision with which a diamond is cut is a critical factor in releasing its “fire” and “brilliance”. It is the cut that enables a diamond to make the best use of light. It is the only factor of the 4 C’s that man can control. Read more

Diamond Trade-Up Program

When you purchase a diamond at Moses Jewelers, you are automatically eligible for our Diamond Trade-Up Program. Read more

In The News: Lab Grown Diamonds — What You Need to Know

You may have seen lab grown diamonds in the press. And, it’s important to understand the differences between purchasing a diamond created in a lab versus a natural diamond produced by Mother Nature. Here are a few questions and answers that may provide you the information you need. Read more

Metals for Your Lifestyle

Select what makes sense for you.

There are many options in the world of precious and non-precious metals. First, consider what you love in terms of appearance. Next, factor in what makes the most sense for you in terms of durability and other considerations such as skin sensitivity. Because it’s hypo-allergenic, platinum might be the perfect choice for you. Here’s some information to help you with your decision. Read more

Trending Now — What’s Your Favorite?

Engagement rings come in all sizes, shapes, and settings. If you’re looking for a little help, these top engagement ring trends will help you figure out which one is sure to get a “yes”! You can also check out our Top 10 Engagement rings here!

Oval cut diamond engagement ring

Oval Cut Diamonds

Round diamonds have always been the most popular, but ovals are back in style. This cut has a flattering shape and vintage vibe, especially when paired with a simple band.

Pear Cut engagement rings

Pear Cut Styles

Very big in the 1970s and making a quick comeback, pear-shaped diamonds in mixed metals scream modern and fashion-forward, especially when paired with rose gold or stunning halo settings.

solitaire engagement ring

Minimalist Round Cuts

Classic and most likely to be on-trend for quite some time, the quintessential traditional solitaire engagement ring features a simple band with a stunning round diamond. It’s perfect for the bride-to-be who wants only her diamond to be the center of attention in a style that’s pretty and not over the top.

3-Stone diamond engagement rings

3-Stone Rings

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement, this trend has seen a resurgence in popularity. Not new, (remember diamonds for your past, present and future?) it’s currently popular to pick three similarly sized diamonds for that perfect setting. Why have one diamond when you can have three?

Rose gold engagement rings

Rose Gold

There’s nothing wrong with yellow or white gold, but there’s something about rose gold in that perfect setting. It’s been trending for a few years now and is showing no signs of losing ground. Feminine and flattering to many skin types, rose gold is romantic and becoming more common in many designer lines.

colored gemstone engagement rings

Colored Gemstones

We’ve been talking about it for a few years, ever since the Duchess of Cambridge flashed her blue sapphire engagement ring! If you’re looking for a pop of color, you’ll be happy to hear that engagement rings featuring colored gemstones are totally in vogue. From subtle to striking, colored gemstones are sure to be a standout choice to switch up a classic engagement ring.

Split shank engagement ring

Split Shanks

With two bands running parallel to each other and a gemstone separating them, this style is both dramatic and trendy. Your center diamond will look like it’s suspended while it sparkles.

Stackable engagement rings

The Big Stack

Ring stacks are a major hit, especially when one band simply won’t do. Look for wedding bands to complement nicely with “tiara” style bands that form half-halos around center stones. Adding a different stack every year makes the perfect anniversary gift.

Browse engagement rings

Ready? Let’s Find Your Engagement Ring

An extensive selection to fit any style.

You’ve found the perfect mate, now it’s time to find the perfect engagement ring. It all starts here. We have one of the best selections of engagement rings in the Pittsburgh area to suit your personal style and budget. If you’ve found a few you love, and would like to see them, make an appointment here. We’ll have them ready and waiting!

Make an Appointment

Browse Engagement Rings

Wedding bands

Wedding Bands

The ultimate expression of endless love.

As your engagement evolves toward marriage, relax! Getting the perfect wedding ring will be easy with us. At Moses Jewelers, we offer a matching, custom-fitted wedding band for every engagement ring we sell.

Did you know? The wedding band is a symbol dating back 5000 years to ancient Egypt when a couple exchanged ‘rings of love’ made of woven reeds or leather. Customs have changed over the years, but the symbolism of the wedding band remains the same: unending (like the endless circle created by the band) love and commitment to one another. Many women choose a wedding band that matches their engagement ring, while others select or create a band that is unique or stand-alone. Traditional metals of gold and platinum remain the most popular for men, yet contemporary metals such as tungsten, stainless steel or titanium are other options. Whatever your taste and budget, you can be sure to find wedding bands that are true expressions of the love you and your partner share.

Browse Wedding Bands

Engagement Ring Financing


Payment options you can bank on.

Your heart is as much a part of your jewelry purchase as your wallet, so there are times you may need or want to finance your purchase. At Moses Jewelers, we’ve made it as easy as falling in love!

-Payment via Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express


For your maximum convenience, Moses Jewelers is pleased to offer financing through our exclusive Moses Card. The Moses card is a simple and straight-forward monthly payment plan with NO INTEREST for up to one year. Or, you may choose to establish a revolving line of credit with no annual fee and low monthly payments.

Ethically Sourced Jeweler

Ethically Sourced

It’s important how and where it’s mined.


Diamonds are meant to be a gift of love. At Moses Jewelers, we abhor the way in which some gems have been used to fund conflict. Our commitment to community extends beyond our local neighborhoods to the world stage. The diamonds we sell are guaranteed to be ‘conflict free,’ which means no one has been compromised or hurt in any way in the acquisition of the diamonds. Many jewelry organizations and more than 75 countries have agreed to the Kimberley Process – a certification that requires each shipment of rough diamonds to be secured in a tamper-resistant container and accompanied by a government-validated certificate. Any country declining to participate is barred from the international diamond trade. Moses Jewelers is proud to be part of Ethically Sourced Jewelers from around the country.

From Our Blog

2,100-Year-Old Fashionista’s Blinged-Out ‘iPhone Case’ Puts Yours to Shame

Archaeologists exploring Russia’s “Atlantis” have discovered a gem-adorned 2,137-year-old “iPhone case” buried in the grave of a young fashionista who scientists have nicknamed Natasha. The unusual rectangular object is made from the black gemstone jet and is inlaid with an array of contrasting precious gemstones, including turquoise, carnelian and mother-of-pearl. It is also decorated with ancient Chinese wuzhu coins, which helped the dating process. Natasha’s remains and her blinged-out accessory were excavated from the Ala-Tey Necropolis in the so-called Sayan Sea. Located in the Russian Republic of Tuva, the man-made reservoir is usually 56-feet-deep, but was drained over the summer, giving archaeologists rare access to the site. Although the seven-inch by three-inch object discovered with Nastasha looks very much like an iPhone case, scientists believe it’s a very ornate belt buckle. “Natasha’s’ burial with a Hunnu-era ‘iPhone’ remains one of the most interesting at this site,” noted archaeologist Dr. Pavel Leus. Nastasha lived during a time when a nation of nomads ruled ancient Mongolia from the 3rd century BC to the late 1st century AD. “This site is a scientific sensation,” Dr. Marina Kilunovskaya of the St Petersburg Institute of Material History Culture told labible.com. “We are incredibly lucky to… Read More

Google Celebrates 80th Anniv. of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ With Ruby Slipper Surprise

A couple of Sundays ago marked the 80th anniversary of the release of “The Wizard of Oz,” and to celebrate the occasion, Google unveiled a special animated search results page complete with dream-sequence rotating screens, clicking ruby slippers and a flying farmhouse. Those who Googled the term “The Wizard of Oz” saw a results page that, at first glance, looked pretty standard. It including the movie title, the year/category/runtime of the production, related images and an illustration of a pair of ruby slippers. Google had tweeted on Friday, “We’re off to search the wizard, the wonderful ‘Wizard of Oz.’” That phrase, combined with the flashing pink starbursts above the ruby slippers on the search results page, hinted that Google had something special up its sleeve. By touching the ruby slippers on the search results page, users were treated to an animation that began with the slippers clicking three times and an audio clip of Dorothy (played by Judy Garland) saying, “There’s no place like home.” (Fans of the movie will remember that Dorothy clicked her heels three times when she wished to return to Kansas during her fanciful visit to Oz.) Google then programmed users’ screens to spin five rotations counter-clockwise… Read More

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