JM Care Plan

Protect from the Unexpected. Accidents happen. Be prepared for what you swear won’t happen to you.

Peace of Mind for Every Piece

When you damage your jewelry, the last thing you should worry about is how to repair or replace it. You need a fast, easy-to-use care plan to get you up and running again.

What's Covered


Plan covers* :

  • Broken, bent, or worn prongs
  • Broken earring posts
  • Cracked or thinning band or shank on rings
  • Broken chain, bracelet links or clasp
  • Loss of diamonds and gemstones due to a defective setting
  • Ring re-sizing
  • Pearl restringing

*Loss of diamonds due to a defective setting is covered. 
*Exclusions and limitations apply.

For specific plan details, please refer to your Terms and Conditions.


Plan covers* :

  • Crystal scratches or breaks
  • Movement failure
  • Case or bezel damage
  • Broken stem and crown
  • Broken clasp or band
  • Battery replacement
  • Repair of water damage to water-resistant watches


How It Works


Purchase Coverage

Purchase your JM Care Plan at the same time you purchase your jewelry. Keep your receipt as proof of purchase. You’ll need it if you file a claim.


Wear Worry-Free

You do you, without worry. Rest assured you’re protected from the unexpected.


File a Claim

Contact us to begin the process. Use the form below to get started.

Cover Jewelers Mutual Insurance


The JM Care Plan is only available through participating jewelers. When your purchase your jewelry, ask your jeweler if they carry our plan.

While a JM Care Plan provides peace of mind when your jewelry is damaged, it does not include coverage for loss and theft. See below for additional protection options.

The price of a JM Care Plan depends on which type of plan you choose and the value of what you’re protecting. Ask your jeweler for pricing details.

All required care, maintenance, and inspection services specified in your item’s original manufacturer’s warranty must occur to maintain coverage.

Within the first 30 days of purchase, return your item to the jeweler for a refund or replacement. After 30 days, contact the jeweler to initiate a claim. If your jeweler is no longer available, contact us directly. You must have your receipt and JM Care Plan brochure as proof of coverage.

As soon as something happens to your jewelry, initiate your claim with the jeweler and we will do our best to handle your claim quickly. Our goal is to get your jewelry restored as soon as possible.

Your item will be repaired, assuming the damage is repairable, so long as the cost to repair does not exceed the cost of the original product. Otherwise, it will be replaced.

Unfortunately, your receipt and JM Care Plan brochure are your only record of having purchased coverage. There is no alternate way to file a claim.

Simply give your receipt and JM Care Plan brochure to the recipient, and coverage is transferred to them.

JM Care Plans are not renewable after the term expires. See below for additional protection options.

Contact the jeweler you purchased the plan from. If the jeweler is unavailable, please contact JM Care Plan directly for assistance. You may receive a full or partial refund according to your Terms and Conditions.

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